About Fuelviews

Fuelviews provides websites and online marketing solutions to businesses in the United States. We specialize in search engine optimization for service businesses.

Daniel Clark

Managing Director

Daniel Clark is from Bangor, Maine (where Stephen King lives & where many of his books are set). From a very young age he was drawn toward technology, much like a moth to a flame. After precisely 1.8 decades of existence he attended the University of Maine for his Bachelor’s and Husson University for his MBA.

Joshua Mitchener

Chief Technology Officer

Joshua Mitchener is a mysterious, Banksy-like figure. Nobody knows who he is or what he looks like. There have been several recent sightings of a masked man claiming to be Josh in Boston, but we have not been able to verify those claims so far.

Clark and Mitchener met as stupid teenagers. As they grew older their mutual interest in technology and business led them to the only natural conclusion: armed combat. Just kidding. They formed Fuelviews to help entrepreneurs get more views, more clicks, and more leads. But Fuelleads doesn’t really have the same ring to it, does it?


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BostonDigital.io - Our managed IT partner.