Online Marketing for Painters & Painting Companies

We really know how to get customers for painting companies. Want to know why? We’ll let you in on a secret… We run a painting business. Really. We can generate leads for you just like we generate leads every day for ourselves and the companies we work with all over the United States.

How We Get Painting Customers

If you’ve been in the business for a while, you’ve probably gotten to know a few of the primary ways to get painting customers. You might be in a love/hate relationship with lead services already. In our opinion the absolute best source of leads for a painting company is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short. After that, your money is best spent on social media ads. In our opinion you should always pursue these options before spending a dime on lead services. After all, lead services are essentially just selling your own leads back to you.

If You’re Wasting Money on Lead Services, Please Contact Us

Lead services invest in SEO in order to sell you access to people who were already looking for you. They attempt to rank for keywords such as “painters city state” and divert traffic away from individual businesses into their machine. What’s worse is some will try to rank for your name and completely own your online presence. Don’t get taken advantage of, fight back! Contact us today for a free assessment to see what it would take to go toe-to-toe with those lead services, and cut yourself loose.

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